How Has Social Media Changed?


When Social Media came on the scene several years ago, a new revolution arrived which allowed everyone to share, tag, chat, and a whole host of other activities. Everyone became more connected than ever before.

Individuals thrived in social media, but businesses floundered. What could a business or organization do with all of these social media outlets? For a long time this question mystified small and large businesses alike.

On occasion someone would stumble onto some neat trick which allowed a business to gather a bunch of followers, but it seemed like each new opening was closed with a change in the platform.

FB IconToday, much more understanding has been gained through testing and testing and more testing. The rules have changed a few times, but overall, social media has become less of a mystery and more of an ally in the online world for businesses and other groups.

The main problem today is that in order for you to get your message out to a lot of potential clients, you almost always have to spend money on advertising. This is especially true for Facebook and other platforms.

One great advantage which Facebook offers is that they do have some of the best demographic data available anywhere. If you want to reach parents of children ages 5-9 who live in Florida who also make over $150,000 per year and who like to listen to music and read books, Facebook makes it possible for you to reach that particular demographic.

For some time Facebook allowed you to advertise for as little as $1 per day. That has risen to $5 per day now (in most cases) but you will be able to reach any group of people you are looking for.

Other platforms allow for you to pay to reach a specific type of people. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, just to name a few, all offer some type of pay per click or pay per impression program. Each of these has different rules and nuances, but they can be effective.


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