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Websites for Local and National Businesses

For nearly twenty years, we have been creating websites for businesses from many different markets. We got our start by creating websites for a travel companies. This expanded to local and national businesses from a variety of different markets.

What Makes a Good Business Website?

img_11-1024x683Regardless of the market your business is involved in, there are several characteristics which makes for an effective website. Here are just a few that are vital for a successful online site.

  • It must present information that is easy to understand
  • It must provide the information that customers are looking for and it must be easy to find.
  • It must have good navigation
  • It must be mobile compliant
  • It must offer several ways to contact your business
  • It must be engaging. This means it must have nice images, videos, podcasts or any other form of media a person is searching for.

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Our Process - How We Work with Businesses

img_12-1024x683Building an effective website is a multi-step process that requires open communication from both sides. Because we know that a business website is often the first glimpse that a potential customer has for a business, we understand that it must be designed to present your business in a pleasant fashion. Plus, the information that a visitor is searching for must be found quickly.

With this in mind we work with each client to learn as much about the business as possible. This will enable us to know what type of website that is needed (informational, e-commerce, or something else). We also work to define sites which appeal to the owner(s) and what they like about those sites.

Though there are many other steps to the process, once we have gained sufficient knowledge about the business, we will create a sample site to review. Revisions will be made until the site meets the expectations of the owner(s).