Website Design for Churches

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Designing Church Websites is Rewarding in Many Ways

Over the past several years, we have helped a variety of churches with their online presence. Building websites for churches and helping them to stay in contact with their members and to reach out to members of their community is a task we take very seriously.

Features of an Effective Church Website

Every Church has something to offer to members of a community. Effective church websites are tools which help to communicate information about your church and how it accomplishes its goals within the community. With this in mind, here are several characteristics of effective Church websites:

  • Clearly Communicates how Your Church is Unique
  • Speaks the Truth in a clean & loving manner
  • Welcomes visitors and gives them an idea of what to expect
  • Provides updated and complete information about your beliefs
  • Stays current with activities and services
  • Provides ways to contact the church or ministry

...and there are others too

Church Website Program

We will work closely with your church to create a website that you can be proud of and that will represent your congregation in a way that is fitting to your beliefs and your service to the community. Here is what you will receive with your new website:


  • Responsive Website Design (works with mobile phones and other devices)
  • Rotating Images on Home Page
  • Our Beliefs Page
  • What to Expect Page
  • Times and Locations Page
  • Our Ministries Pages (Up to 4)
  • Map of Church & Directions
  • Contact Us Page
  • Optional Sermon Upload Set-up
  • Optional Bible Verses
  • Optional Faithlife News Feed
  • Events Calendar
  • Link to Church Facebook Page (or other Social Media Platforms)
  • Secure Website Hosting

INITIAL COST           $600       $175
MONTHLY COST      $150        $75

What Churches do We Work With?

Unlike other website businesses we do not work with every church. Your beliefs are very important to you and ours are to us as well. For this reason it only makes sense for us to speak with each potential client to insure we hold to similar values and beliefs. It is important for a church to work with a company they feel comfortable with and we feel the same way about the churches we serve.

Because we must believe in what we do, we are only willing to work with certain church denominations and some non-denomination churches. Though to some this may not make any sense, we are able to assist only those churches who are dedicated to the Gospel as outlined in Scripture. Our work is a direct reflection of who we are. With this in mind, we are very selective about who we work with and know that your congregation will be as well.

Moving Forward

If you would like to request information about working with us for your Church, we invite you to fill out the form below. We will contact you within one working day to discuss your needs and to see if our company is a good fit for your church project.

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