What’s a Blog

Over the past few years, one type of website has become increasingly popular. What kind, you ask? The Blog.

This flexible type of website is perfect for so many things. Allowing people to keep in touch with what you are doing-thinking-studying… is what a lot of people write about. Raising kids, building a business, doing what you love and many other topics are covered over and over with blogs. But why are they so popular with people?

One reason is the ease with which a blog can be built and maintained. Many bloggers use a platform called WordPress. It is free to use and they provide you with a variety of free designs.

WordPress also has numerous “plugins” which can help you to do a lot of neat things on your blog. There are plugins for almost everything you could want. There are plugins for telling you the time in different countries. There are plugins which can help you calculate the monthly payment for a mortgage. There are plugins for so many things and these can help make your blog more informative. Most plugins are free to load onto your site and it is very easy to do so.

Another great things about blogging is that, once combined with social media sites like Facebook and/or Twitter, it is fairly easy to attract a loyal following. There are people who are hungry to learn about what you enjoy doing. People will follow you and will be eager to consume the information you give them.