Website Search Engine Optimization

Having a website which is user-friendly and which looks nice is only part of the battle. In today’s world of internet competition, it is vital to your business that your website can be found easily in the Search Engine Results.

Years ago this was a very simple task. All you had to do was stuff your site with the keywords or phrases you wanted to be found for and you could magically climb to the top of the search engine rankings. Today, the situation is much more difficult. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, link buying or any number of other “black-hat” practices.


Here at SiteNetUSA we work using only ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices to get your site moving towards the top of the search engine rankings. We do this using long-tail keywords and phrases which have two benefits:

First, long-tail keyword phrases have less competition so they do not take as long to rank higher in the search engines for. Secondly, long-tail terms are more typically “buying” terms whereas the shorter terms are more “shopping terms”. Here is an example:

Suppose someone is wanting to replace the flooring in their bedroom. They may go to the search engines and type in “bedroom flooring”. When they do, they may find anything from wood flooring to tile to carpet. This is a very general and can lead to many different results.

If they had made a decision that they wanted “redwood laminate flooring” that would be a much more specific term. This term show that they have done their research or actually know what they want for their bedroom. This is a “buying” term.

Being found for general search terms will give you a lot of traffic, especially if you are ranked high in the search engines. However, most businesses are more interested in people who want to purchase their products. That is why being ranked higher for “buying” terms is so much more desirable. The traffic is not as high, but it is more likely the traffic you receive is interested in purchasing something for you.

When we work on SEO, we are more interested in helping your business website rank for “buying” phrases. Plus, when combined with your location, the traffic you receive from searches can be laser targeted to people who are in your area and want the products you have to offer.

Contact us for a Free, No-Obligation consultation on how we can help your business rise to the top of the search engines for the terms you want to be ranked for.