Responsive – Your Site Must Comply

Several years ago our oldest son Nathan developed a fascination with the Star Trek series. He especially loved the Next Generation series with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Each week a new episode of the series would be released and our little boy would sit up with his mother to watch the show.

One of the most-interesting races of alien life the crew of the USS Enterprise came across was the Borg. These half-humanoid, half-machine race of beings were really a wide variety of different species which had been "assimilated" into their "collective". All individual thought was replaced by the powerful voice of the whole.

Whenever a Borg ship (a curiously cube-shaped ship that lacked a smooth covering) would come into contact with the crew of the USS Enterprise, they would repeat the same message. It went like this....

With the Borg you had one choice (according to them). You must comply with all of their demands and become a part of their collective or DIE. So, you really did not have much of a choice.

With Google, the choices are just about as varied. There are some things you absolutely must comply with, or...your site will die a quick death in a place we will call oblivion! There are many such demands that Google makes from website owners. But, there is one that is easily the most-important requirement that exists. Your website must be RESPONSIVE!

Now that that introduction is over with, let me describe RESPONSIVE in simple terms. Your website must "comply" with any type of device it is seen on. All websites can be easily viewed on a computer screen (with a few exceptions). But, not all websites display very well on a tablet or a mobile device.

In order to be considered Responsive, a website must comply, or adjust, according to the device that the viewer is using. Perhaps you have seen a non-responsive website on a mobile phone. You have to use your fingers to zoom out and scroll so that you can read the information on the site.

Google does not want any site to be like that. You should not have to zoom in or out on a device and you should he able to scroll easily up and down. You should never have to scroll left or right (unless it is to view a series of products).

If your site is not ranking as it should, chances may be that your site is NOT RESPONSIVE. If it isn't, feel free to let us know. We can test your site to see just how easy it could be to change it over for you. Sometimes it is very easy make the change. At other times it can be difficult.

Call us at 660-341-8710 and we will test your site for FREE and let you know what you need to do to get your site to COMPLY with Google

Our company builds new sites every month. Here is an example of a responsive site that is about Washington DC Tours.

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