The All-Important Title Tag

Ever since people started to put websites up online, there has been a scramble to solve the great puzzle of how to get to the top of the search engines. The answer is far more complex than changing a few words here or there to get the results you desire, though a lot of people would try to convince you otherwise.

A lot goes into getting a page to the top of the rankings for a specific search term. However, there are some things which are far more-important than others which you should pay attention to which can positively (or negatively) affect  your rankings.

One of the most-important things you can and should pay attention to is the Title Tag you have on each and every page of your website. The title tag tells a visitor, and the search engines, what a page is all about. This is what makes it the singe most-important tag on your pages.

Finding Title Tags

Title Tag Hover Results

In the image above, you can clearly see how title tags show up in the search engine results. The red arrows point to the titles in each of the listings. You can also find out what the title of a page is by hovering your mouse pointer over the tab of a page at the top of your browser. A tag will show up that looks like the one in the image above.

In the old days of internet marketing, people used to stuff their title tag (and all of their tags) with the keyword they wanted to rank for. Those days are LONG GONE and you should never try to do something like that to try to fool the Search Engines into ranking you higher. When you are creating a page or a post, be sure to give it a Title that best matches what the page is all about. This is what the Search Engines are looking for anyway and they are more-likely to reward you for your efforts if you do things the right way.

Of course, you will want to make sure that the content that is on your page of post matches up with what your title claims your page or post is about. Take this page as an example. The title of this page is "Title Tags are the Most-Important Part of a Page". And, as you have been reading this post, you have discovered that the Title Tag is very important. So, the content and the title are in agreement. (NOTE: Do not confuse the title at the top of this page as the Title Tag. It is actually an H1 Tag, which is also very important).

If you follow these practices, you will keep your site out of trouble and you will have a much better chance of ranking on the search engines. And, if you are having difficulty figuring out what to do, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with your site. Call 660-341-8710 to learn more.


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