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Websites for Local and National Organizations

One of the benefits of living in community is the number of organizations which are found in the area. Organizations serve a very important purpose in communities throughout the country and they are responsible for helping their cities and towns in a variety of ways.

img_8-1024x797What Makes a Good Organization Website?

So many organizations offer a lot of great services to communities and individuals. They need a good website to assist them in their work. So what makes a good website for organizations? Below there are a few items listed which should be considered for an organization's website.

  • Information must be presented in an easy-to-understand format.
  • It must provide details about the goals and the mission of the organization.
  • It must have good navigation
  • It must be mobile-compliant so people who are on different devices may be able to browse the site without any issues.
  • It must offer several ways to contact the organization-phone, email, social media.
  • It should be engaging. It should have nice images, videos, or other form of media for those using the site..


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Our Process - How We Work with Organizations

img_12-1024x683We work with organizations in the same way we work with businesses and churches. Once we have been contacted by an organization, we will gather as much information about the group as possible. We need to understand the mission of the organization and what their goals are.

Once all of the important information has been gathered, we will work to create a design with the needs and mission of the organization in mind. Some have a very large mission with several goals. One like this would require a larger website. Other groups have a more singular mission with fewer goals. In this case, the website would probably be a lot smaller.


We also would work to gather as many images, documents, videos, and any other type of available media for the website. We will create a format to present to the organization which they can approve or request changes. Our main goal is to give the organization a website that meets all of the requirements and is easy for others to browse to find the information they need.