AdWords & PPC

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Businesses all over the internet are able to obtain instant exposure to their products and services by utilizing a very popular tool every day. This tool is called Google AdWords.

Over a Decade ago a unique search engine concept came along which allowed businesses to “bid” on the positions they wanted to rank for using a variety of search terms. Today, similar models thrive in the search engine market. The Original Site was called Today, Google is the Leader in Pay Per Click Search.

Depositphotos_7783454_originalGoogle AdWords is definitely the largest and most-popular “pay for position” model available. Once you open an account you can determine what search terms you want to rank for. You write your ads, bid on keywords, and then direct your ads to link to a page on your website.

It sounds simple enough, and it can be if you know what you are doing. Thousands of people, however, simply to start bidding blindly on terms which they hope will bring them a stream of traffic to their site to purchase their goods.

The reality of AdWords, however, is that you can lose a lot of money quick if you do not have the experience it takes to do it right. AdWords requires an understanding of how to discern between a variety of keyword phrases. Some of the phrases are “searching” or “tire kicking” phrases. Others are “buying” terms.

It is easy to see the amount of traffic you can get from many search terms. Some may think that this is the road to riches. The bids for such phrases may even be fairly low. The problem with these phrases is that many people who use them are in the information gathering stage. There is a chance that if they like what they see on your site they may come back and buy from you. With fierce competition for many products, though, it is more-likely that they will not.

With over 14 years of experience in the PPC (pay per click) market, we are ready to assist your business to become very successful in utilizing this method of gaining traffic. We have worked with businesses with budgets over $20,000 per month and those who spend only a few hundred of dollars per month.

Organic traffic is always the best traffic to get because you are not paying for it every time someone visits. If you don’t have a steady stream of organic traffic you can still thrive using PPC.