Schematic design

Website designs are as varied as  you would expect. There are many different styles and colors available as well as a host of images one may incorporate into the design of the site. working closely with the client is vital for good website design. If the client is not satisfied, then the design is going nowhere quickly.

Understanding the likes and preferences of the client and their audience is important when designing websites. Whether the client is a small business, a freelance writer who wants to have a personal blog, a church who has a growing membership, or any other individual or group of people, we understand how important the client is.

There are many times where the client has no preference or ideas on where to start. In instances like this we suggest going out and looking at a variety of websites that they like and writing down what they like about those sites. Though it is impractical to think every site a client likes can be easily duplicated, we can take different aspects of a variety of websites to build one to the client's satisfaction. This may require extra coding and design and it might increase the cost, but we often can work with the client to create a satisfactory solution.

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