Construction Documents

Collecting the Content for the Site

No website is complete without content. This is the most-vital component of any site. We work with each client to secure the content which needs to go onto the website. The content may be on a pre-existing site which we are re-designing, or it may be included in documents.

The content includes written content as well as images, videos, and other types of files which may be included within the website. It is important to note that the content should be in usable forms such as are on websites (in most cases) Word documents, JPEG, PNG, .PDF, embedded videos (or those on YouTube) and others. If the content is not in a usable form, we may be able to make arrangements to provide services which can recreate it.

In some cases a client needs to have all of the content written. In these instances, it is very important that the client understands the importance of overseeing the content every step of the way. Since the client knows their business better than anyone else, we cannot know nearly as much as they do about the content which needs to be included in the site.

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